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Ragged Edge 4x4 Geelong

The biggest, baddest package of them all! Includes our most challenging course.

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Weekend List Price: $599


Weekday List Price: $549


Christmas Sale finished Dec 25th 2017

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  • Driver Briefing: a pro driver explains the ins and outs of our custom built Rock Crawlers
  • 5 Drives – Razorback, Hell-Dorado, Chucky’s Revenge, Switch Back and Chucky Returns: up to 90 mins driving, take five passengers FREE
  • 1 Passenger Lap: our pro drivers take the wheel to show you how to get the most from the Extreme 4x4s in CHUCKY’S REVENGE.
  • Up to 90 minutes driving and the Passenger Lap – Expect to be at the track for 2.5 hours

One thing we noticed about Ragged Edge 4×4 is people always leave wanting more – so we are giving you more with ‘The Master’s Package’. With all our other packages you have marshals that will guide you through the courses showing you where the hard lines are, the big angles, the scary drop offs, but they will always be around just in case you get in trouble. That DOESN’T happen in the Master’s course: you gotta work it out for yourself!

This package is far more instructional than our other packages and this starts from the first turn of the key: our instructors will educate you on how to get the most of the rear steering, how to disengage the front or rear drive independently so you can pivot the 4×4 on a dime or save an imminent role – a skill we’ll put to the test a little later on. All the tracks you drive are variations on our usual tracks but we throw a lot more technical obstacles in your way – we figure the best way for you to learn is to throw you in the deep, DEEP end.

By the time they’ve driven the first four tracks most drivers are feeling pretty good about their skills. Time to get brought back to Earth with a THUD: the last drive Chucky Returns is just down-right nasty. This track is like the big dog you walk an extra block to avoid on the way to school, it’s like that guy at the pub who has that funny twitch and glazed look in his eye, like the old house the squeaks at night and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end: that’s Chucky Returns.

We don’t even drive it! We put some witches hats down and then we’ll walk you through it showing you where the dangerous points are and what you should avoid, then it’s ALL you. NO help from us, we just score you as you go through.


  • 5 points if you reverse
  • 10 points if you hit a witch’s hat (or a tyre the hat’s on)
  • 50 points if you roll the 4×4 (VERY likely within first 5 metres)
  • 100 points if you squeal like a little girl

The goal is to finish with zero points. Three years later and only five drivers have scored zero! Game on.


“Bought the Master Drive (the top tier package) for my boyfriend as a birthday present, He had a blast, definitely recommend the master drive as it lasted about 2 hours and included 6 different drives, he was allowed a passenger on 5 of them (one he was driven by the experts) so me and a friend of his got to go a few times as well. Heaps of fun and well worth the cost. Only problem is my boyfriend wants to buy one now lol” Erica S. 16/10/17

Not quite game enough to try it yourself, but know someone who would be? Call us to purchase a Master Drive gift voucher! Valid for 12 months.

Allow 2.5 hours weekends / 2 hours weekdays for this experience – estimate is based on time at the track not time in the 4x4s – times may vary depending on track and weather conditions.

Master’s Drive gift voucher offers the ultimate experience!

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