Night Drive

This one’s for the real Adrenaline Junckie

This experience involves driving a purpose built adrenaline machine with a big V8 engine, massive 44″ tires, four wheel drive and four wheel steering.  The best bit: we’ve build three crazy courses that will have you literally driving up walls, crab walking sideways and attempting some ridiculous side hills – and you’ll do that AFTER DARK!

“Night drive was fantastic! Would highly recommend it – an amazing birthday present.”


List Price: $399


Mothers Day Sale finishes May 13th 2018

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  • Approximately 60 mins in the 4×4 – including the last drive after dark
  • Driver Briefing: a pro driver explains the ins and outs of our custom built 4×4 buggies
  • Drive three different Courses and get 1 Passenger Lap
  • Take 3 Passengers FREE (one per track)


RAZORBACK – This is where you learn to drive these crazy 4x4s. You personal marshal will give you the tips and tricks to use as you maneuver your way around this challenging course.

PASSENGER LAP – Now it’s time to see how the pro’s do it as one of our drivers take you for a mind bending lap through the infamous ‘Chuckies’ course.

HELL-DORADO – This is a very different experience compared to ‘Razorback’; your marshal will give you NO instruction, all you have is his torch to see where the track goes – you have to work this one out yourself. This is one of our longest tracks.

CHUCKIES – This is where the ridiculous stuff begins: you’ll start by literally driving up a wall before you pivot the 4×4 on a dime then save an imminent roll-over. After some crazy off-camber action you finish by driving through an obstacle that will have the ROOF of the 4×4 just millimetres of the ground – and you do this ALL after dark!


  • Drivers must be fluent in English
  • Drivers must have a drivers licence (P plate, expired or international is fine)
  • Max weight 140kgs. Max height 208cms. Min height for drivers 160 cms
  • Passengers must be at least 8 year old.
  • First sessions start 30-60 minutes before sunset depending on group size.
  • Due to increased safety issues the Night Drive Package will not be run during or after inclement weather. New dates will be provided in the week following the postponed experience.
  • Allow 90 mins – 2 hours for this experience. Times may vary depending on group size and track conditions.


Apr 2018 Fri 27th (5.30 pm)

Sat 28th (7.15 pm)

May Fri 4th (5.00 pm)

Fri 11th  (5.00 pm)

Fri 18th (5.00 pm)

Sat 19th (5.00 pm & 7 pm)

Fri 25th (4.45 pm)

Sat 26th (5.00 pm & 7 pm)

Aug Fri 10th (5.15 pm)

Sat 11th (5.00 pm & 7.00 pm)

Fri 17th (5.15 pm)

Sat 18th (5.15 pm & 7.15 pm)

Fri 24th (5.30 pm)

Fri 31st (5.30 pm)

Sep Fri 7th (5.30 pm)

Sat 8th (5.30 pm & 7.30 pm)

Fri 14th (5.45 pm)

Sat 15th (5.30 pm & 7.30 pm)

Fri 21st (5.45 pm)

Sat 22nd  (5.30 pm)

Fri 28th (6.00 pm)

Oct Fri 5th (6.15 pm)

Sat 6th (6.00 pm & 8.00 pm)

Fri 26th (7.15 pm)

Sat 27th (7.30 pm)

Nov Fri 16th (7.30 pm)

Sat 17th (7.45 pm)

Fri 23rd (7.30 pm)

Sat 24th (7.45 pm)

Dec Fri 14th (8.30 pm)

Sat 15th (8.15 pm)


“This experience far outweighed our previous driving experiences. You could not wipe the grin off my husbands face driving home that night, and as the ‘victim’ it was great to experience the monster 4x4s from the passenger seat. The cars and course are second to none, Anyone looking to be pushed to the limit should try this out.”

“Such an awesome experience!! My fiance was in heaven with all the driving and exciting tracks. Would definitely recommend to those who love 4WDing or just want a new and exciting experience.”

“Definitely something new to try! Very different that we loved every single bit of it! Thanks to all the wonderful, friendly, cheerful staff that helped us through the night! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I would definitely recommend this.”

“Had a fantastic time and the staff were very good.”

“It was absolutely fantastic.”

“Best experience ever! Thank you”

“Off tap!”


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