Night Drive

It’s back!

COMP NIGHT – List Price: $399


  • Driver Briefing: a pro driver explains the ins and outs of our custom built Rock Crawlers
  • 3 Drives – Razorback, Hell-Dorado, and Chucky’s Revenge: up to 45 mins driving, take three passengers FREE
  • 1 Passenger Lap: our pro drivers take the wheel to show you how to get the most from the Extreme 4x4s in CHUCKY’S REVENGE

Due to popular demand (it was actually the staff that demanded we bring it back because it’s so much fun) – Extreme 4×4 Night driving is returning to Lara.

The driving experiences are literally the same as our crazy daytime Comp package but the MASSIVE difference is we drive at Night with only the 4x4s lights to show you the way. The first sessions starts at sunset so the drivers start driving in the fading evening light. The second session (not run during Daylight Savings) is all after dark.

Of all the packages we do this is probably the most scary and at the same time the most fun. Something about driving under the stars is always special and driving these custom built 4x4s through our intense tracks through the darkness is something truly unique.

  • First sessions start 30-60 minutes before sunset depending on group size.
  • Due to increased safety issues the Night Drive Package will not be run during or after inclement weather. New dates will be provided in the week following the postponed experience.

Allow 2 hours weekends / 60 mins weekdays for this experience – estimate is based on time at the track not time in the 4×4 – times may vary depending on group size and track conditions.


Sept 2017 Friday 22nd (6.15 pm)

Saturday 23rd (6.00 pm & 8.00 pm)

Oct 2017 Saturday 7th (7.00 pm)

Friday 27th (7.45 pm)

Saturday 28th (7.30 pm)

Nov 2017 Friday 10th (8 pm)

Saturday 11th (7.30 pm)

Friday 17th (8.15 pm)

Friday 24th (8.15 pm)

Saturday 25th (7.45 pm)

Dec 2017 Friday 1st (8.30 pm)

Saturday 2nd (8.00 pm)

Friday 8th (8.30 pm)

Friday 15th (8.30 pm)

Saturday 16th (8.15 pm)