Learners Package

Ragged Edge 4x4 Geelong

One for the kids – the ULTIMATE learner driver experience.

List Price: $199


Christmas Sale finishes Dec 25th 2017

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  • Driver Briefing: a pro driver explains the ins and outs of our custom built Rock Crawlers
  • 1 Drive – Razorback: up to 15 mins driving, take one passenger FREE
  • 1 Passenger Lap: our pro drivers take the wheel to show you what these Extreme 4x4s canreally do.
  • Up to 15 minutes driving and the Passenger Lap – Expect to be at track for 30 minutes

Can you imagine a better experience for a learner driver than hopping behind the wheel of a MASSIVE V8-powered, four-wheel-steer Monster 4×4?

The experience begins with an extensive driver briefing from one of our pro-drivers, outlining the idiosyncrasies of our custom 4x4s.

First up is a Passenger Lap through Chucky’s Revenge as our pro-drivers display some of the cool tricks these crazy 4x4s can do in their capable hands.

Next you buckle up with a four-point harness, hit the start button and launch into an unforgettable lap driving around the challenging Razorback. With tight turns, big off-camber sections and a ridiculous drop-off this will be an experience to remember.

Customers can bring one passenger for this experience free of charge.

Allow 30 mins for this experience – time is based on time at the track not time in the 4×4 – times may vary depending on group size and track conditions.

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