Comp Package

Ragged Edge 4x4 Geelong

Our most popular package, for good reason: it’s AWESOME!

Weekend List Price: $399


Weekday List Price: $349


Summer Sale finishes Feb 28th 2018

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  • Driver Briefing: a pro driver explains the ins and outs of our custom built Rock Crawlers
  • 3 Drives – Razorback, Hell-Dorado and Chucky’s Revenge: take three passengers FREE
  • 1 Passenger Lap: our pro drivers take the wheel to show you how to get the most from the Extreme 4x4s in CHUCKY’S REVENGE.
  • Approx 60 mins in the 4×4

By far our most popular option, the ‘Comp Package’ lets you really play with these incredible 4WD machines as you drive places a vehicle simply doesn’t belong.

The experience starts with a briefing and quick lap around Razorback as you familiarise yourself with the idiosyncrasies of the 4×4 and “unlearn how to drive”: riding the brake, one hand on the wheel; all those things you shouldn’t do in a car!

Next you’re in the passenger seat for a lap through Chucky’s Revenge, now you get to see what these 4x4s can REALLY do. Driving up walls, along crevices, skidding the car on its own length and driving through a tiny canyon that will have your head inches of the ground: it’s all in Chucky’s.

The next drive through Hell-Dorado gives you a chance to practice all of your new found skills. This course has a little bit of everything: side angles, ledges, drop-offs… it’s all preparing YOU to drive Chucky’s Revenge!

It’s one thing to be driven through Chucky’s, it’s another thing altogether to drive it! The quivering, squealing mess in the passenger seat will have you wishing you didn’t bring your father along for a ride as you try and negotiate the vertical walls, the deep canyons and the narrow crevices. You’ll have to ‘work’ the 4×4 along the course while trying to ignore what your brain’s telling you about gravity. Maybe then you’ll be one of the few who get through without scrapping the roof in the dirt.

The Comp Package is available to anyone 18 years to 95 years, men and women – we’ve had them all and (despite a few tears) they’ve all managed to get through… eventually.

Passengers are most welcome (then you have someone to blame when it rolls!) with three spots available (one each track). Passengers ride free.


“Prepare to have your mind expanded! Forget what you know about 4WD, this takes it to a whole new level and then some! Definitely worth it for the three courses – was an awesome Fathers Day present and will be looking to do the Night Drive course in the future! Thanks for a great day guys!” Lalor M. 02/09/17

Want to give the ultimate gift? Valid for 12 months, Comp Package gift vouchers are the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for thrill seeker!

Allow 90 mins weekends / 60 mins weekdays for this experience – times may vary depending on track and weather conditions.

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