Extreme 4×4 Adventures near Geelong and Melbourne.

What is an “extreme 4×4”?

Our three extreme 4×4 vehicles are custom built to handle the severe conditions of our 4×4 tracks.  With four wheel steering, massive tires and huge suspension these things will go just about anywhere.  Our 4x4s were recently descibed in RACV Royal Auto magazine: “The trucks look like pared-back tractors on steroids.”

Do you have vouchers for your 4×4 adventures?

Yes we do. Give the perfect father’s day gift, birthday or Xmas present with a Ragged Edge 4×4 gift voucher. Choose from one of our 4×4 packages.

How long does each course take to drive?

This is a hard question to answer as some drivers rush through the course where as others take their time and get the most from the 4×4 experience. This is not a speed-based experience; the tracks are designed to make you navigate the 4x4s through the course using vehicle control and precision driving. We allow 15 mins to drive each track and we recommend you use every second of it! The more control you display the more crazy spots on the course we can show you.

What’s the difference with each package?

The difference in the packages is the number of courses you drive: with the Taster package your drive one course, the Intro: two, the Comp: three and the Pro: four. Each course gets progressively harder too. The graph below shows you what’s included with each package.

Razorback Chucky’s Hot Lap Hell-Dorado Chucky’s Revenge Switch-Back
Extreme “warm up” drive Crazy ride through Chuckies Revenge Time to apply your newly found skills Driving walls, rollover, burnouts. The most technical and challenging
Intro Y Y Y N N
Comp Y Y Y Y N
Pro Y Y Y Y Y

How many passengers can ride along?

You get one passenger for every course you drive so Taster customers get one passenger, Intros get two, Comps get three and Pros get four.

How old do passengers have to be?

Passengers must be at least 8 years old.

Do passengers ride free?


Do you provide photography /DVDs?

We do not provide photography however there are viewing areas around the course and you are more than welcome to take your own footage. We also have brackets on the 4x4s if you would like to mount your own GoPro.

Do I need a current drivers license?

We do require proof that at some point, somewhere in the world, you held a drivers licence. Disqualified, probationary or international licenses are OK.

Is there public transport near the track?

The closest public transport is Lara Station which is 4.5kms away.

Do you have to book a date when you buy a voucher?

You can but most don’t. You can buy a Voucher for someone and leave the date open for them to choose a time. They have 12 months to book a date.

Do you have height / weight limits for drivers?

Max weight is 140kgs and max height is 208cm.

Are the 4x4s automatic?


Can I book on the day?

It’s very rare that we will have extra capacity for someone who hasn’t pre-booked.

Can I upgrade to a different package on the day?

Depending on how busy we are there may be the option to upgrade but we do recommend this is done before the day to ensure availability.

Where is the closest accommodation?

Geelong provides a number of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets and is only 15 minutes away by car.

I’m looking for extreme adventures Melbourne and Geelong, can you help?

Yes! Ragged Edge’s extreme 4×4 track is located at Avalon Raceway in Lara. That means it’s just a 40 minute drive from Melbourne, a 15 minute drive from Geelong.

Do you provide bookings for interstate travellers?

Absolutely! Ragged Edge 4×4 is just 5 minutes from Avalon Airport and get plenty of people coming from interstate. Many of our customers come from Sydney in New South Wales, Brisbane in Queensland, Tasmania and all over Australia.