About Ragged Edge 4x4 Lara

Ragged Edge was ‘founded’ in 2009 by Chris Nolan but the concept started much earlier.

When asked why he started Ragged Edge this is what he had to say:

People watch me drive the Ragged Edge buggies and think I must have been doing this since birth – I’m pretty comfortable in the driver’s seat after 13 years – but that’s far from the case. I was not into cars at all as a kid, I was ‘into’ basketball and art. I had a bad motorbike accident at 21 and destroyed my knee – 12 months on crutches and no more Basketball … I was in a pretty bad way mentally. I was browsing You-tube one day and saw some Rock Crawling videos and though ‘this looks cool’. I ended up buying a 4×4 but I had literally no clue: how to drive it, how to modify it – nothing.

I met some blokes who were into it and went out with them a few times – my mind was BLOWN. I’d never had so much fun doing anything ever. I thought this is freak’n awesome! The ‘black period’ of my life where all I thought about was what I had lost was replaced with something better. For me it was literally life changing. I started modifying my 4×4 and going bush as much as I could. I even moved from Melbourne to Gippsland so I could go bush as much as possible. It was then that the germ of an idea that is Ragged Edge began. I took all the things I loved from my first 4×4 drives and reverse engineered them into an experience. I was able to use my Art / sculpture experience to design a three-dimensional track that is unique to Ragged Edge. And it wasn’t just the driving massive angles and rolling over – it was the fun, the atmosphere of my early drives that I tried to capture. Back then we were guys just enjoying ourselves – lots of heckling but also comradery. I wanted to capture it all. I think now people come to Ragged Edge and love the driving, but they remember the fun.

We’ve had lots of challenges along the way, but we keep going. We’ve downsized considerably due to Covid which I’m OK with. My goal was never to be the biggest, my core reason for doing it was to create an the amazing 4×4 experience and that continues. I probably enjoy it more now the ever because I don’t stress about the courses or the 4x4s (they’re awesome and ultra-reliable now – thanks Evan and Stuie) it’s all just about the fun. I go to ‘work’ and it’s like I’m heading bush with my mates again – just this time with some mates I haven’t met yet.

Looking for an extreme adventure? Come and join us at Ragged Edge for the ride of a lifetime. We will have you questioning what you think you know about gravity!

Call us on 0428 737 864 or complete our online booking enquiry.

4x4 Packages
Pro Package
  • Drive FOUR Tracks
  • Get a Passenger Lap with a Pro
  • Intensity Rating *****
  • RRP $499
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Comp Package
  • Drive THREE Tracks
  • Get a Passenger Lap with a Pro
  • Intensity Rating ****
  • RRP $399
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Intro Package
  • Drive TWO Tracks
  • Get a Passenger Lap with a Pro
  • Intensity Rating ***
  • RRP $299
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Taster Package
  • Drive on your L’s!
  • Drive ONE Track
  • Get a Passenger Lap with a Pro
  • Intensity Rating **
  • RRP $199
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