Intro Package

Ragged Edge 4x4 Geelong

Experience the trill of driving massive 4x4s through some RIDICULOUS courses

List Price: $299


Summer Sale finishes Feb 28th 2018

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  • Driver Briefing: a pro driver explains the ins and outs of our custom built Rock Crawlers
  • 2 Drives – Razorback, Hell-Dorado: take two passengers FREE
  • 1 Passenger Lap: our pro drivers take the wheel to show you how to get the most from the Extreme 4x4s in CHUCKY’S REVENGE.
  • Approx 40 mins in the 4×4

People describe the extreme 4×4 experience as like being on a roller coaster- without the rails! You’ll drive massive side angles that feel like you will tip over if you breathe too hard, big climbs where all you see is blue sky and drop offs that make you feel like you’ll land on your head at any second.

The ‘Intro Experience’ starts with a drive through Razorback, it’s a tough course that will give you a chance to get used to the rear steering (hard!) and get a feel for the 4x4s and the angles.

Next you’re in the passenger seat for a lap through Chucky’s Revenge, this is where it all gets a little “crazy”: driving up walls, crab walking along canyons and finishing with an off-camber drive through a crevice that will have your head inches off the ground!

A short break to get your breath back and you’re back in the drivers’ seat, your passenger nervously at your side as you approach Hell-Dorado. Now it’s time to see what you’ve learnt as you negotiate this tricky, deceptive track.

What’s the difference with The Taster and the Intro? The most obvious difference is the Taster is one ride and one drive, the Intro is two drives and one ride. The less obvious difference is the way you drive the second Intro course -we show you where the course is; YOU work out how to get through!



“Was a brilliant experience. I bought it for my husbands birthday in December and he loved it.”

Give the gift of an extreme experience with an Intro Package gift voucher! Recipients have a full twelve months to work up the courage to use this present!

Want a bit more bang for your buck? Try our extreme 4WD Competition Package, a short drive from both Geelong and Melbourne!

Allow 60 mins weekends / 45 mins weekdays for this experience – times may vary depending on group sizes, track and weather conditions

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