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Ragged Edge 4x4 Geelong

Now its time to see what these 4x4s can REALLY do!


This experience involves driving a purpose built adrenaline machine with a big V8 engine, massive 44″ tires, four wheel drive and four wheel steering. The best bit: we have four crazy courses that will have you driving up walls, crab walking sideways and climbing some vertical rock ledges – all in the name of FUN!

“Absolutely amazing experience. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day.”

List Price: $499

HALF PRICE MONDAYS & FRIDAYS $249 (selected dates) 

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  • Approximately 90 mins in the 4×4!
  • Drivers Briefing – a pro driver explains the ins and outs of our custom built 4×4 buggies
  • Drive four different Courses and get 1 Passenger Lap
  • Take 4 Passengers FREE (one each track)


RAZORBACK – This is where you learn to drive these crazy 4x4s, Your personal marshal will give you the tips and tricks to use as you maneuver your way around this challenging course.

PASSENGER LAP – Now it’s time to see how the pro’s do it as one of our drivers takes you for a mind bending lap through the infamous ‘Chuckies’ course.

HELL-DORADO – This is a very different experience compared to driving ‘Razorback’; your marshal will give you NO instruction (well maybe a wry smile to let you know you’ve done something wrong), This is one of our longest tracks.

CHUCKIES – This is where the ridiculous stuff begins: you’ll start by literally driving up a wall before you pivot the 4×4 on a dime then save an imminent roll-over. After some crazy off-camber action you finish by driving through an obstacle that will have the ROOF of the 4×4 just millimeters off the ground.

SWITCH-BACK – Introduced in 2017 this is the newest track at Ragged Edge and combines all the best sections of all the tracks into one big, crazy course. This is where you learn some unique skills specific to these Extreme 4x4s such as how to drive in front and / or rear drive depending on the terrain. You will also attempt some gnarly rock crawling that will truly test your skills including the “Staircase” – driving up a ten foot almost vertical wall of tires.


  • Drivers must be fluent in English
  • Drivers must have a drivers licence (P plate, expired or International is fine)
  • Max weight 140 kgs. Max Height 208 cms. Min height for drivers 160 cms
  • Passengers must be at least 8 years old
  • Allow 90 mins – 2 hours for this experience. Times may vary depending on group size and track conditions


“This was the best fun! Definitely coming back. Thank you” 

“One of the best two hours of fun I’ve had in years. The team were great, solid coaching and good sense of humour (you need it with my driving) felt very safe under their guidance.”

“Bloody brilliant!”

“Epic! Absolutely brilliant fun. Would go again!!”

“Loved it!!! Had the BEST TIME!!! The entire experience was amazing!!! Highly recommend!!!!

“The 4×4 drive was a present to me from my children and it was one of the best days of recreation that I have had.”

“Such an awesome experience, totally recommend them.”

“The best experience you could ever dream of off-road.”

“These trucks are purpose built excitement machines!!”

“The real deal!”

“Unbelievable! I’ll be back.”


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