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Here’s one for the thinkers. 

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Weekend List Price: $499


Weekday List Price: $449


Christmas Sale finishes Dec 25th 2017

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  • Drivers Briefing – a pro driver explains the ins and outs of our custom built Rock Crawlers
  • 4 Drives – Razorback, Hell-Dorado, Chucky’s Revenge and Switchback; up to 60 mins driving, take four passengers FREE
  • 1 Passenger Lap – our pro driver takes the wheel to show you how to get the most from the Extreme 4×4 in Chucky’s Revenge
  • Up to 75 minutes driving and the Passenger Lap – Expect to be at the track for 2 hours

We recently decided we needed a track that would challenge our drivers with more technical skills so we combined the best bits of Razorback, Hell-Dorado and Chuckies Revenge into one massive track  we call Switchback. And then we made those bits harder! This is a track you have to work for – using the rear steer, the front disconnect, the rear disconnect, the camber of the course, the amount of traction you have…. everything you learned driving the first three courses and being a passenger will come in to play in Switchback. 

The Package starts with the Drivers briefing and then you’re in the drivers seat as the courses get progressively harder from Razorback, through Hell-Dorado, Chucky’s Revenge and finally Switchback. The Hot Lap in the Pro Package is more in depth too as the Pro Driver explains and demonstrates some of the more advanced maneuvers and techniques you will need to master for Switchback 

We think this is the perfect package for the drivers with a technical mindset who maybe are not interested in the competitive element in the Master Package but want to see just how much skill they have with our crazy rock crawlers.

Limit of four passengers (one each track)


“This was the best fun! Definitely coming back. Thanks you” Rebecca C. 28.10.17 

Allow 2 hours weekends / 90 mins weekdays for this experience – estimate is based on time at the track not time in the 4×4 – times may vary depending on track and weather conditions.

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