Ragged Edge's 4x4 Trucks

Extreme 4×4 between Geelong and Melbourne

Upgrade to 49″ tires for JUST $1! Exclusive to www.raggededge.com.au

Built to full competition standard, the Ragged Edge 4x4s are literally some of the most capable four wheel drive vehicles in the country.

Enclosed in our custom built chassis sits a custom built 350 Chev with alloy heads. Over 300 horsepower is channelled to an Atlas II transfer case, with ‘front and rear disconnects’ so you can drive in four-wheel-drive, rear wheel drive or front-wheel-drive.

The differentials are also purpose-built providing four wheel steering capabilities. Tyres are nothing less than 44” Super Swampers (or optional 49″ tires) for supreme traction. Incredible suspension flex is controlled by 16” coil-over shocks on each corner.

In a 2011 article in RACV’s RoyalAuto magazine Ragged Edge’s 4x4s were described as follows:

The trucks look like pared-back tractors on steroids… Driving these trucks is like standing on your head trying to walk. Ten minutes in these 4x4s with have you questioning the laws of physics!

Try them out on our extreme 4×4 tracks perfect for those looking for extreme adventures just out of Melbourne or Geelong. Choose from our packages – including intro packages and night packages.