November 27, 2017

Christmas is fast approaching and the most common question we get asked is “which Package should I buy?”

Most people assume the recipients need some 4WD experience and this is simply not the case. Our 4×4 buggies are SO different than a road going 4WD that bush driving experience doesn’t help very much. You will learn skills that will improve your off road driving but it is not our primary focus (we’re all about FUN). Over 80% of our customers have little or no 4WD experience.

It’s better to look at the personality of the Gift Voucher recipient than their 4WD experience. For example if you’re buying for an ‘adrenaline junckie’ the Pro or Night drive package would be the best options. If you’re buying for someone who likes strategic challenges the Master would be ideal. The Comp is one of our most popular packages as it’s great value and gives the recipient a real buzz. If you’re not sure if they’ll like the experience the Taster might be the best present – if they like the look of it they can upgrade before they come or book another drive once they’ve had a ‘taste’ of the 4x4s. Most of our Night Drive customers are repeat customers who’ve done the day drives.

The other consideration is passengers. Passengers ride free so if you’re buying a Voucher for a Dad with three kids who want to come – buy a Package with three drives. Passengers usually love the experience almost as much (if not more) than the driver and they get to ‘de-brief’ with each other: “Did you see when I drove up the wall…” This makes the experience all the more memorable.

The best option if you’re still not sure is call or e-mail us and we can point you in the right direction.