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Leanne S.Leanne S. ★★★★★ Our experience with Ragged Edge was absolutely fabulous. Due to COVID we had to reschedule our booking. 3 years later they honoured our purchase .. so, buy in advance and when it suits you .. go and enjoy your 4x4 experience. The tracks were very challenging with loads of bends and twists, mud and rocks, walls and deep puddles.Chris was very friendly and patient. Thank you Chris for the time you put into making this experience fun for us all.Kerri S.Kerri S. ★★★★★ HIGHLY recommend the 4x4 ragged edge if you're looking for an awesome experience! With just yourself/ family or friends! You can go day or night! & Chris really makes sure you're getting the best out of it & is with you the whole time ensuring you are safe & is great for a laugh! He is so professional, patient & extremely encouraging!!!!You can also watch super close at view points if you're not driving!Go!! Its worth every cent!!! & we will DEFINITELY be back!!! Was so much fun!!!Thankyou Chris for having us today! See you again soon!!!If I could give a higher star rating I would!!!!Jack C.Jack C. ★★★★★ If you want to try something different then definitely give Ragged Edge 4x4 a go!! Chris is an amazing instructor and the courses are epic!! Bring a passenger and get their blood pumping as you go sideways through holes and across a near vertical wall!! Amazing day, thank you very much!!!Peter G.Peter G. ★★★★★ Awesome experience from start to finish.Chris is professional, patient, relaxed yet highly experienced. He is an exceptional communicator who in 1 hour takes you from novice driver of one of these amazing V8 powered 4-wheel steer machines to doing things you would never have expected possible or within your own capability. His instructions are crystal clear and incorporate him showing first hand then letting you take the reins.Just as importantly, Chris himself made the experience most enjoyable, adding his own brand of welcomed dry humour.My wife and I had a blast and both highly recommend Ragged Edge to anyone wanting to challenge themselves and have some unique fun 'time out'.Lastly, Ragged Edge is a privately owned (Chris) local business that has survived COVID. Let's all support businesses like this to help them get back "on track" (pun intended).Thanks Chris for being such a friendly and capable host, ensuring that we had a wonderful and memorable morning in "Lumpy", a truly amazing vehicle.PeterJulian T.Julian T. ★★★★★ One of the best experiences in Victoria. So unique and well run by Chris. Had an incredible time and cannot wait to go back :)Nathan “Grimey0021” G.Nathan “Grimey0021” G. ★★★★★ Chris was awesome. Really enjoyed the drive. Would highly recommend.Jayton C.Jayton C. ★★★★★ Had an absolute ball today. Chris was a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process from booking in, re scheduling due to weather and then finally doing it.Chris’s knowledge and enthusiasm throughout the whole experience is what made it soo much fun. The joy he takes in watching you figure out how to navigate the course and fail was lots of fun.10/10 and would highly recommend it to anyone on the fence.Cheers!Bernadette L.Bernadette L. ★★★★★ We had so much fun and had the best time! Chris was awesome! Would do it again for sure.DulshanDulshan ★★★★★ Chris is an absolute legend, very professional and patient through the walkthrough of how to drive the buggy. Takes you on a driven lap as well as let's you drive your own through the course. Well worth it!Daniel D.Daniel D. ★★★★★ Wow what a great day out! Didn't know what to expect even up to getting in the buggy. The day got better each drive and track. Chris was a very organised operator and even better teacher. Go in with an open mind and be ready to drive like you never have! Thanks Chris for a great day out. Will be recommending you to everyone I know. Cheers DanSteven W.Steven W. ★★★★★ What a sensational experience. With the knowledge that Chris provides, even the least experienced people can relax and enjoy the drive. I never wanted to stop. Recommend to all who love learning new skills and having a good time.Manpreet S.Manpreet S. ★★★★★ This experience was a surprise gift from my wife, so I had no idea something like this even existed.I really enjoyed the experience regardless of my unenthusiastic expressions and what Chris (the business owner) would have to say about it.The entire course is designed to last about an hour but Chris is very flexible and takes his time to help you understand the course and the vehicle. He will also navigate you through the toughest course on offer which of course I initially thought he is just now showcasing the capability of the vehicle, only to realise part way through that I’m going to have to perform all these manoeuvres. So my advise to you is pay attention as it’s very useful.Other positives of this activity are that you can have a passenger who gets the exhilarating experience with you. It’s so much cooler than 4WDing in a normal car.Chris is a really good operator, friendly, and a wealth of knowledge. Knows the vehicle so well that he can guide you millimetre perfect from the outside and is also very clear with the instructions.I already have a list of people I would be recommending this for in my family and will be looking forward to doing it again haha.PS you get to way cooler stuff than shown in the images. Also I’m confident that it is well priced because my wife booked itMartyna Z.Martyna Z. ★★★★★ One of the best experiences and I was a passenger. My husband really enjoyed this surprise. Chris makes you feel comfortable and safe throughout the whole ride and the track gives you a variety of experiencesTARH8RTARH8R ★★★★★ Chris was awesome to deal with. Great atmosphere great cars. Great dayAndrew M.Andrew M. ★★★★★ Awesome experience Chris made us feel very comfortable with the vehicle was very patient and we had lots of fun would highly recommend Cheers mate - AndrewDan B.Dan B. ★★★★★ Fantastic day out at Ragged Edge. Chris is a superstar instructor and had us ripping around the course with full confidence. Organising the day was extremely easy and Chris accommodated all our requests. Couldn't recommend them more.Ethan S.Ethan S. ★★★★★ Was an awesome experience. I would recommend to anyone who is into 4wheel driving. 100% worth it and was way above my expectations. Chris is an awsome bloke and a great teacher too.Toby Hynes (.Toby Hynes (. ★★★★★ Extremely enjoyable experience! Highly recommend to anyone interested.Liv BLiv B ★★★★★ My husband had such an amazing experience! This is an absolute must do!Chris was so patient and such a really great guy. 10/10 would recommended to anyone interested. Our 10 yo even went in it and had a blast!Peter CPeter C ★★★★★ I was amazed in the angles the car could get into without tipping over. Chris's instructions were fantastic. I enjoyed every bit of the experience. Very highly recommendedTroy Paul C.Troy Paul C. ★★★★★ Chris you're a legend! Really helpful in guidance through the (tough) tracks. We really enjoyed our time there and couldn't recommend a better place to go on a date, lol. Thanks againZoe S.Zoe S. ★★★★★ Cannot recommend Chris at Ragged Edge enough. Chris was a fantastic teacher, super patient and knowledgeable. He made the whole experience challenging and fun.My husband had an absolute blast.The kids and I loved being able to ride passenger (even when the husband put the buggy on its side 🤣)Highly recommend doing the four tracks. We will definitely be back for a night run!EmilyEmily ★★★★★ We had such a fun morning. Chris was patient and clear with instructions for the course 😁 I had a great time riding as passenger, which as a bonus as it's no extra charge. Would recommend to anyoneLaura P.Laura P. ★★★★★ It was a fantastic experienceChris was kind, fun and make us feel secure to enjoy the most of itTom E.Tom E. ★★★★★ Was a great experience. Nothing like anything I had done in a car before. Chris was with you the whole time to explain anything you were unsure of and then let’s you go to enjoy the experience while still providing guidance from a distance. Will 100% be back to do it again. Great gift idea for anyone who likes driving or just wants to try something new.Elia D.Elia D. ★★★★★ Chrisq is awesome and it offers so much value to the experience, you think you can’t do it but then he teaches you and you do it, it’s incredible what the buggy can do you won’t believe it until you’re in the driver seatBruce C.Bruce C. ★★★★★ My daughter told me about Ragged Edge when I arrived in Melbourne from Canada for a visit . Right away I knew I wanted to try it , coming from a small off road background I thought I would have an idea of what to do , I didn’t have a clue lol . Chris is such a good instructor with in no time he had me crawling rocks . I cannot recommend this experience enough . It was so much more than I had ever expected , so over the top . If you are anywhere around Melbourne or Geelong Ragged Edge 4X4 cannot be missed you will be sorry . Thank you Chris for one of the biggest highlights of my trip , I wish there were more than five stars.Dom Di M.Dom Di M. ★★★★★ My fiance booked this for us. I'm not much of a 4wd person, but love cars, trucks as I build them . This would have to be one of the coolest rushes , to drive this course under instruction by Chris, who provides great instructions. was absolutely awesome ! Once you get a idea of the driving style to climb, drop and turn its a crazy experience. Definatly recommend !! Chris was awesome to deal with and provided a great experience all round 😎Andrew K.Andrew K. ★★★★★ I went here with my partner and her Dad, who's has a trials riding background. The car and the course was an absolute blast - you can really do some wicked things in these machines. Big shout out to our expert trainer/driver - Chris. He knows he stuff, is very patient, clear and concise with instruction and knows how to get you to have fun.We highly recommend the 4 course package, espif it's your first time rock crawling. You will not regret it!!Nikki C.Nikki C. ★★★★★ We had an absolute blast! Chris is an amazing instructor and the whole experience was above and beyond our expectations. Would highly recommend this experience to anyone.John H.John H. ★★★★★ Chris was great, a fantastic time. Almost a "Bucket List" experience. The vehicle was great to drive, and advice and guidance first class. Johnj ..j .. ★★★★★ This experience was awesome, we will 100% be coming back and also recommending to mates!Chris was extremely nice and welcoming and great to get along with!Patrick S.Patrick S. ★★★★★ Great experience, would recommend 10/10Serena C.Serena C. ★★★★★ The Ragged Edge 4x4 adventure was an exhilarating experience! Chris the owner, played a pivotal role in making it an exceptional day. His patience, friendliness, and expertise in navigating the tracks ensured a thrilling and safe journey. Every moment was filled with excitement making the entire day an unforgettable adventure. Highly recommended for off-road enthusiasts seeking both adrenaline and a fantastic host!Jake C.Jake C. ★★★★★ Had a blast!Chris is very calm!Loved the experience!!Michael R.Michael R. ★★★★★ Amazing experience.Great set-up and equipment.I recommend that you give it a go.I had the best time ever and can't wait to go back .Bonnie S.Bonnie S. ★★★★★ Awesome experience! Chris is so friendly and professional. Brought for my husband's birthday and I rode as passenger. Chris guided us through every step and showed us how capable the vehicles are which made me feel so safe and made for such a fun experience.Lauren D.Lauren D. ★★★★★ My partner had an absolute ball driving the 4x4!! Chris was great communicating and explaining the whole lesson. An amazing experience. Will definitely be back again and recommending to family and friends!! Thanks again Chris!Corri G.Corri G. ★★★★★ Absolutely great time! The guy who runs it was awesome!Shell TShell T ★★★★★ My husband had so much fun doing this as a surprise birthday present. Definitely worth doing the bigger package (4 tracks). So much fun!!Our 2 kids even got to ride as passengers and loved it!Chris was super friendly and made the experience even more enjoyable.Thanks again for having us Chris.Simon H.Simon H. ★★★★★ I had never done this before and Chris was amazing, taking the time to expain the course and how the buggy works. This was a birthday present from my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was even allowed to take my mate along! I can recommend Ragged Edge!!David B.David B. ★★★★★ If you an adrenaline junky, or you've done everything, or any reason really you need to come and give Ragged Edge a go. Picture an oversized muscled buggy with a 350chev motor in it with 4 wheel steering driving sideways on hills and obstacles, then challenge yourself to reinvent your concept of driving skills whilst kissing the dirt but not flipping the buggy. Well, that sort of gives you an idea of what to expect.Chris who guides you on how to drive the beast is very patient and informative and makes the adventure so much more enjoyable.My only advice would be to book the longest session as you won't to stop driving the challenging course.robert L.robert L. ★★★★★ Amazing, well worth it.K EK E ★★★★★ Ragged Edge is a blast. Learning to drive “Lumpy” was made easy with a brilliant instructor Chris. Lots of thrills, challenges and laughs. Highly recommended. Doing something out of your comfort zone was thrilling. If your thinking about it. Just go ahead and book it. No regrets just a awesome day! Thanks ChrisDeb B.Deb B. ★★★★★ My Husband received this Rugged edge 4x4 for his birthday. The communication with Chris beforehand was really excellent, and on the day, Chis was extremely friendly and informative.My husband and I totally enjoyed it and would highly recommend this for a gift or a great treat for your self .Rob N.Rob N. ★★★★★ I had a great time at Ragged Edge 4x4, Chris was very informative on how to drive the buggy. I would highly recommend the experience.Jacqueline J.Jacqueline J. ★★★★★ Wow…..what a brilliant experience and one that we have boasted about all day! I purchased this experience for my husband and it was certainly one we both enjoyed.Chris was fantastic with his knowledge and making the tracks challenging.I can’t recommend enough it is honestly a brilliant gift for anybody.Will definitely be back!!RohitRohit ★★★★★ Missus bought me a gift card to this place, the overall experience was amazing. This is not even close to normal 4x4, the buggy is a completely different experience (awesome)Chris is a legend! Explained how the buggy works and what all you can do with it. Would definitely recommend and the best part is I live 5 minutes from this place.Danny G.Danny G. ★★★★★ Had a great time. Chris was an excellent teacher and guided me round the course well which made it a fun day.David S.David S. ★★★★★ Unlike any other car experience session I've done - in a great way. Fantastic fun. Great Customer Skills from Chris - clear instruction and lots of patience. You will be surprised at what you can do. Highly Recommended.js_loaderMore Google Reviews