Adventure gift vouchers from Lara’s Ragged Edge 4×4

If you are hunting for the perfect present for an adrenalin junkie, our adventure gift vouchers in Lara will get hearts racing.

Our range of vouchers give the recipient an entry into a world of excitement. They get to step into one our 4×4 custom-built beasts with V8 engines and test their skills on extreme, off-road courses. It’s challenging, it’s exhilarating and it’s heaps of fun. So come on, why not spoil them for their birthday or a special occasion?

At Ragged Edge 4×4, we’re committed to providing our customers with an incredible off-road experience they’ll remember for years to come.

From our home at Lara’s Avalon Raceway, we’ve created a track that serves up adventure on a plate. With jaw-dropping courses called Razorback, Chucky’s Revenge, Hell-Dorado and Devils Marbles, the toughest of all, you’ll get your blood pumping in no time. You can drive up rocks and walls, navigate steep ravines and balance mere inches from rolling over. Your hands are in charge on the wheel. It’s all within your grasp with our adventure gift vouches in Lara.

If you live in or near Lara, this is a perfect present that’s just on your doorstep. It’s so close and so much fun.

Thrilling off-road courses

Ragged Edge offers gift vouchers for a range of off-road experiences that differ in intensity. All include a pro-driver briefing and passenger lap. With the most challenging, the Pro package, you get to test yourself on four tracks including the intense Devils Marbles. The Comp package includes three courses, you drive two courses with the Intro package and the Taster, one course.

You also get to take a passenger – must be at least eight – on every course you drive. So if you do four courses, that’s four people who can celebrate the nail-biting action with you.

While weekends are popular on our track, please note that weekday gift vouchers are 40 per cent cheaper for Pro, Comp and Intro experiences. Our weekend packages range from $499 to $199. You also get a generous three years to redeem your voucher.

So what are you waiting for? Call us, or check out our vouchers and prices online. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information on the adrenalin-fuelled adventure gift vouchers Lara people will love, contact the Ragged Edge team today on 0428 737 864. You can also check our website for important information relating to factors including height, weight and age before booking.