Find the perfect adventure gift in Melbourne at Ragged Edge

If you have a loved one with a yen for high-octane activities, we have the perfect adventure gift near Melbourne to make their day.

Tackling our range of ridiculous off-road tracks in a custom-built extreme 4×4 vehicle is a great way to get the heart pumping. It is exhilarating, challenging and downright fun. And all you have to do is contact us at Ragged Edge 4×4 to get the ball rolling.

While we’re committed to ensuring everyone has a good time, it’s important to know that we believe safety is paramount. Our Avalon Raceway-based tracks and vehicles are tough, and so are our safety procedures.

Every participant – driver and passenger – is securely strapped in and wears a helmet. Our extreme 4x4s, powered by V8 engines, also have rollover protection structures to ensure everyone enjoys maximum protection while having maximum fun. And that’s the way it should be.

Every driver also gets the benefit of a comprehensive briefing from one of our pro drivers, who explains the ins and outs of our buggies. Participants also complete a passenger lap, with a pro driver at the wheel, before they’re unleashed on the track themselves.

Adventure gift options galore

When it comes to a great adventure gift Melbourne people are spoilt for choice at Ragged Edge. We have a range of packages that vary in intensity, and the more tracks you tackle, the harder they get. Our packages are:

  • Pro Package, which is the top of the scale when it comes to excitement and adventure. You get up to 75 minutes in a vehicle, challenges include big vertical ledges and Devil’s Marbles, our newest track. Drivers tackle four tracks and will have a ball;
  • Comp Package, a real crowd pleaser. Participants can expect about 60 minutes in our extreme 4×4 vehicles. You drive three different tracks, and can expect plenty of challenges to get your heart racing;
  • Intro Package, where participants get to drive two different courses. With about 45 minutes in a vehicle, you get to test your driving skills and it’s awesome;
  • Taster Package, which gives people a 30 minute adventure in one of our 4x4s. You get to drive one track, which gives you the taste to come back for more.

No matter what package you choose, everyone gets a passenger circuit with a pro driver at the wheel. And when the participant straps themselves into the driver’s seat, they get to take a passenger with them for free. Every lap. That means you can give the perfect extreme-driving gift and jump in the passenger seat yourself. That’s a win all round!

To secure a great thrill-seeker experience for your loved one, you know where to turn. And that’s us – Ragged Edge 4×4. We’re based at Avalon Raceway, Lara, an easy 40 minutes from Melbourne. Contact us today on 0428 737 864 to book a fantastic adventure gift near Melbourne.