Excite your senses with an extreme adventure activity in Melbourne

You’ve got a 350 Chev V8 engine growling, your hands on the wheel and an extreme adventure activity near Melbourne unfolding before you.

So what do you do? Go back to a good book or some gardening? Or put your foot on the accelerator and immerse yourself in the thrills and spills of Ragged Edge 4×4’s ultimate off-road epic for adrenalin junkies.

Our tracks at Avalon Raceway are about living in the now and celebrating life on the edge. You’ll get to taste the excitement, feel the engine’s power and know your heart is beating that little bit faster. And you’ll do it all safely strapped into a harness in a super-tough vehicle designed to protect occupants from harm.

Yes, it’s the extreme adventure activity Melbourne thrill seekers will love because it serves up action and challenges without compromising on safety.

We’ve designed four tracks, ranging from a taster track right up to extreme, so people of all driving abilities and courage can experience the adrenalin rush of extreme off-road driving. We have vertical ledges, walls, ravines, rocky outcrops and more. The rugged terrain is a playground for our big, beastly vehicles and you’ll be hooked before you know it.

Benefits of a Ragged Edge experience

So what is it that makes this extreme driving experience so good? Ragged Edge offers:

  • A high-octane adventure the minute you get behind the wheel;
  • Challenging tracks, where you get to pit your skills against the rugged terrain;
  • An absolute heap of fun. You’ll want to come back for more;
  • A social experience – bring along your mates or family. You get to learn from a pro driver and can take a different passenger every lap you drive. The passenger must be at least eight years old. It’s all about sharing the joy;
  • It’s close to home. We’re only a short drive down the highway from the state capital;
  • A safe experience. Safety is paramount. That’s why you are harnessed, helmeted and have a thorough briefing from a pro driver before you get behind the wheel;
  • And our prices are affordable. You can even save 40 per cent if you book a weekday session.

If you are hunting for an extreme adventure activity near Melbourne, contact us on 0428 737 864 for more information about our range of packages and conditions.