GIFTS FOR HIM ($100-$300)

May 30, 2019

I often talk to wives, girlfriends and Mums at Ragged Edge 4×4 and I hear A LOT: “He just buys what he wants, he’s really hard to buy for…” which is why I wrote this Blog. Experiences have become a great alternative to physical presents and in some ways are a better option. Ragged Edge has been offering Gifts for him ($100-$300) for over 10 years with the bulk of our products sold within this price point. We’re learnt a thing a two about what makes a great gift.

The key really is VALUE. Are you getting great value for your money and the measurement is really how much the recipients enjoys the experience. Will thinking about his experience make him smile on the way home, a week later, will it make him smile when asked about it 12 months later? For less than $100 your comparing it to a simple dinner out or Gold Class movie – it’s nice but probably not hugely memorable and the ‘buzz’ wears off pretty quickly. When you’re looking at gifts for him ($100-$300) you’re really looking for something with a lasting ‘buzz’. We use the ‘school boy giggle factor’ – men , young or old, laugh and smile often but they don’t ‘giggle’ like they did when they were kids. If a bloke giggles you know he’s REALLY having fun, he’s in the moment, stress free and loving life. Blokes ‘giggling’ happens all too rarely so we use that as the yard stick. If you’re buying a gift for him ($100-$300) I recommend you use the same yard stick. Bloke WILL remember experiences when they giggle.

A question I often get asked at the purchase stage is “Will he like it?” I try and ascertain what experiences we offer would  best suit the recipient. Guys who are technical and methodical will love the Pro Package, the more extreme, adrenaline types might prefer the Night Package and for others they’ll be giggling half was through the Intro Package so mission accomplished with that.

There are lots of experiences in this price point: V8 supercars, rally driving, parachuting, flying in helicopters and bi-planes to name a few. I often ask our clients who done other activities how much they enjoyed it. They key is, do they smile when they talk about it, is there a glint in their eye because they had a ‘moment’? Because THAT is what you’re paying for.