June 9, 2019

Buying a gift for him (Over $300) is ‘special event’ material. For us at Ragged Edge 4×4 that’s occasions like an 18th, 21st, 50th etc. It’s a BIG deal so for us it’s about creating an unforgettable experience – as in they will NEVER forget it.

There’s a whole gamut of things that make a gift unforgettable. Firstly, the gift for him (over $300) needs to be suitable for the recipient – will they get ‘into’ the experience. This is something that only the people who know the recipient well will know and it’s something worth taking the time to get right. Someone could give me a $1,000 caving experience and while it might be worth that and more to someone else, for me it would be a “HELL NO” moment. What’s the “HELL YES” experience?

We’ve always found that having a passenger in the 4×4 with the recipient really ads to the experience. Just having someone to share those special moments and debrief with after just ads an additional level of enjoyment. So you need to think about those additional elements – do you bring Granny with you to watch, do you get everyone together for a photo at the end, what do you all do afterwards. It’s all about creating that special memory.

Thirdly, and critically, is the activity itself.  There are lots of options in this price bracket. We’ve worked closely with and for over 10 years and the volume of offerings they have is mind blowing, especially gifts for him (over $300)

Ragged Edge is in the fortunate position that we are the only business in the world that offers the type of 4×4 experience that we do. As a result we can ask ourselves “What is the type of experience we can offer that is over $300 in value?” Which is different than asking “What are others selling for $300?” It is a subtle difference but it makes a huge difference to the products we are able to offer at this price point. For example we offer our Pro Package in this price point. It’s an amazing experience. At the start of the forth and final course we stop the drivers and explain the entrance to the course, which is a 2 meter almost vertical climb. The response when they look it the entrance is either laughter or an incredulous “What the…” To me those moments are priceless, the recipient KNOWS they’re doing something really special while they’re actually doing the experience. That’s the key to fining a gift for him (over $300), make it a truly unforgettable experience.