June 20, 2019

What is interesting to me is that men tend to get very ‘old fashioned” when considering gifts for women. Gifts for her = perfume, jewelry, etc. I’m sure most women would agree that’s nice (and very easy to get wrong) but to quote that famous song; ‘Girls just want to have fun’ SO GIVE THEM SOMETHING FUN!

I often get asked “Do women drive the 4x4s?” “Absolutely!” is my standard answer. It’s funny to watch the difference in attitude between male and female driver’s as the girls tend to laugh the whole way through. The guys are SO serious – ‘I want to get it right’ – like their very manhood is on the line. Women ‘get’ the 4x4s are just toys and they treat them as such.

I know there’s a massive number of women who have, or want to, skydive. For a large percentage of women getting outside their comfort zone is incredibly thrilling and exciting and therefore the experience is memorable  = a great gift for her . I’ve noticed that at Ragged Edge women often have a lot of trepidation before they drive the 4x4s but once they’re in the buggy ‘doing it’ they have an awesome time.

So the take away from this is when you’re considering a gift for her think outside the norm, think FUN!!!