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October 3, 2017 We’ve noticed more interest in weekday booking recently so we’ve added additional days during the week to book your Extreme 4×4 adventure. With the addition of the new dates has come the common question – is there any difference with the weekday and weekend Packages? The answer is yes and no. The Packages are fundamentally...
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October 19, 2016 After the wettest winter we’ve ever had it’s nice to see the good weather FINALLY arriving.  The good news is all the rain has made us redesign much of the tracks and they’re certainly not easier! We’ve now been at Avalon Raceway for 6 years so you’d think the tracks would be nice and established...
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Friday Winter Specials

July 20, 2015 We have recently had a lot of interest in weekday bookings so we have decided to add some new HOT weekday deals: For July & August you can purchase a ‘Friday Comp’ Voucher for just $199 or a ‘Friday Master’ Voucher for just $299 – that’s normally $499! The Vouchers are still valid for 12...
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Fathers Day Sale

July 12, 2015 It has been a long cold winter and it is time to heat things up. Fathers Day is approaching, so stay tuned for our BIGGEST Fathers Day sale EVER. Sale starts July 20th.

June Night Drives

June 11, 2015 Night Drives are back on sale AND with an introductory price of just $199! That’s 50% OFF.  You drive all the courses that you would drive in the Comp package but you finish after dark – too cool.  Sale will finish June 30th so buy your Extreme 4×4 Night Drive Gift Voucher today.

“The Clayton’s Sale” – the sale you have when you’re not having a sale

February 14, 2015 After the biggest Christmas sale ever, Ragged Edge 4×4 is geared up for a big 2015. It’s exciting to see customers coming from, not only interstate, but now internationally as well – we must be doing something right. With the massive success of our Christmas sale we’re decided to bring back the discounted prices for all our Extreme 4×4...
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Stay tuned – Christmas sale fast approaching

November 3, 2014 We are full of Christmas cheer and will be starting our Christmas Sale on 17th November!!! Loads of specials – perfect gift ideas for the guy (or girl) who wants an extreme 4×4 experience. Make sure you come back to check out our drive packages that are EXCLUSIVE TO US!

National 4×4 Outdoors Show Attraction

August 4, 2014 We are happy to be working with the National 4×4 Outdoors Show and Fishing & Boating Expo and Leader Newspapers this year as one of the demonstrations at the Expo.  There will be over 200 exhibitors showing off the latest 4x4s and accessories, plus fishing, boating and camping gear. AND Ragged Edge 4×4 will be...
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Our Rubber Duck Sale

June 5, 2014 We could say we’re having a sale because it’s “THE END OF FINACIAL YEAR” or it’s “OUR WINTER SALE” or we’re “LAUNCHING OUR NEW ‘PLUS’ RANGE OF PRODUCTS SALE”, hell we could ‘say’ we’re having “THE SALE TO END ALL SALES”… The truth is THEY’RE ALL TRUE!!! Why are we shouting so much? Because this...
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Ragged Edge Challenge Competition

May 28, 2014 Last weekend we had our first ever customer competition – ‘The Ragged Edge Challenge’ where we pitted past customers who have driven the Master or Comp courses against each other – what a hoot! It was amazing to see the quality of driving these guys displayed. These courses were hard! The first 5 drivers were...
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